Yamaha Pitmans is a third generation family owned business, owned and operated today by Doug and Brenton Pitman who still to this day work in the business day to day and continue to offer their wealth of knowledge to the motorcycling community.

The company was started back in 1945 by Mr R.T. Pitman (grandfather), selling grain and bicycles, which were in demand at that time, this evolved into selling motorcycles with many brands over the early years including Triumph, Norton, velocette, BMW and many others and then Yamaha in the late 50’s.

Yamaha Pitmans has been serving South Australia’s Motorcycling community for over 70 years now and will continue to support the community into the future, We love motorcycles just as much as you and we love to share our passion and enthuse those looking to get onto a bike for the first time whether you are 5 or 75 years old, age is no barrier when it comes to Motorcycles it’s all about where the journey takes you!